This page is dedicated to the stone mason's around the world who continue to inspire us at Accent Masonry LLC. 

Andy Goldworthy

British Sculptor Andy Goldsworthy is quite brilliant with his natural creations. He has been recognized as one of the world's best stone mason'. His work does spark inner imagination.

Lew French

If you love stonework than you will want to view the work of Lew French. From gigantic boulders to pebble stones Lew's talent allows him to create surreal stone works one must see. 

Johnny Clasper

Another great stone mason Johnny Clasper specializes in drystone walls many times adding spirals. His eye for art can be seen through his many stone projects. 

Sunny Wieler

In my opinion stone artist Sunny Wieler is one of the best specialty stone mason's. His area of interest is outdoor living area's where he is able to use nature in a unique manner. His work displays how high his level of care is.


Both artists have started their own studio Ancient Art of Stone in Vancouver Iceland, British Columbia, Canada and provide themselves with designing materials on site. Stone, in his quiet, understated colors, combined and upgraded in the abstract compositions with wood. Here, however, is not only the artistic creation of mosaics in the foreground, but also the Fortseztung an old technique. Small and large-scale mosaics of stone are used as wall and fa├žade designs, Disguise stoves, wall-effect patterns, among other things, it will work with both contours, as well as with shadow effects and gradients and the transfer is done manually. 


Naomi Zettl and Andreas Kunert 

Naples, Florida 34101

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